Marriage Equality: The Journey to Love, October 5: Occupy the City With Rainbows

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[Press Release]

Marriage Equality:
The Journey to Love, October 5: Occupy the City With Rainbows

Last year on November 30, a group of homophobic religious organizations used a large number of alarmist prophecies, untrue information and all types of improper and questionable tactics to draw 100,000 people out to the streets to oppose the proposed legislative amendment for Marriage Equality (opposing the amendment of Art. 972 of the Civil Code). Those of us who support marriage equality have not yet had the opportunity to come together on the streets to publicly and fully express our opinions.

We know that the movement for marriage equality should not be determined by who can mobilize a higher number of people, but if we supporters of marriage equality do not continue to staunchly and publicly express our demands, we are afraid that the ruling authorities will continue to shelve this legislative bill and will not take any action. In October of last year, the marriage equality bill already passed the first reading in the Legislative Yuan and was sent to the Legislative Yuan’s Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee. Since then, nine months have passed and we have used all the peaceful, rational methods to urge movement on this bill. We have attempted to create dialogue, but the Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee members have not shown any movement whatsoever.

The TAPCPR drafted Marriage Equality Amendment to the Civil Code was passed to legislators from the DPP to propose. Both the immediate past DPP chair and the current DPP chair have openly expressed their support for the marriage equality amendment. Unfortunately, the DPP Central Committee has not expressed its opinion on this issue to date. On the other side, during the meetings of the KMT Standing Committee, several Standing Committee members have clearly expressed their opposition to the marriage equality amendment, some to the point of threatening that they will absolutely not allow the amendment to be passed. These facts are a clear wake up call, telling us that if we do not bring pressure to these political parties and politicians, and voice our demands, as soon as the bill has been stalled until January 2016 (the end of this Legislative term), all of the hard work done thus far on the marriage equality amendment will be washed down the drain. We will be forced back to square one, and need to raise a new amendment all over again.

Remember last year, with everyone’s support, we hosted a wedding party on Ketagalan Boulevard. On that august occasion, we submitted the bill to the Legislative Yuan. Today, this important bill that addresses a fundamental human right has been delayed by the heavy handed interference of conservative religious groups.

Equality cannot wait any longer!

We need to rise up, and if the Legislators continue to refuse to consider this bill, and do not approve this bill, we must take to the streets every year until marriage equality is a reality in this land. Starting this year, let us all begin this journey to love together, and use the power of the rainbow to occupy the legislature. We firmly demand that the proposed amendment is included in the new session of the Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee, and will make marriage equality a reality soon.

Time: 5 October 2014, 1:00 p.m.
Place: Taipei City, Qingdao East Street (Legislative Yuan)
Organizer: Marriage Equality Revolution Front